Proline Technologies

Dedicated Service Plan

Internet access provides a secure and direct connection to world wide web via multiple submarine cables that are peered directly with global internet exchanges. Due to the huge capacity we have at our NOC, we have designed and developed a range of flexible internet access solutions that supports both IPV4 and IPV6 to satisfy any kind of business requirement. We have invested in highly redundant infrastructure that guarantees 99.9% uptime on our upstream and intercity segments. Our Internet access can be delivered using any of our technologies. Bandwidth capacity ranges from 2mbps to 310mbps.

Dedicated Internet

This is our uncapped data access premium service for high-end corporate businesses that require dedicated (unshared) internet 24/7. With our dedicated internet access, your business is the only subscriber to a specified amount of bandwidth. Unlike a shared plan, your access is not oversubscribed and speeds are guaranteed. Performance is consistent and has guaranteed minimums and up-time. Download and upload speeds are typically synchronous, i.e same speed

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